Welcome to the Northern Kentucky Herb Society!

If you live in the Northern Kentucky/Greater Cincinnati Area, you’re welcome to attend our meetings and join our group. We meet at 6:30 p.m. on the second Wednesday of each month in the Boone County Extension Service offices in Burlington, Ky.

We’re a small, friendly group of gardeners, crafters, and cooks who appreciate herbs and try to make the best possible use of them. We particularly like to teach and learn from one another. So, if you have, or need, gardening advice, recipes for using herbs, or herbal craft ideas, you’ll fit right in. Our calendar pages from the last few years provide good examples of the kinds of things we do.

About Us

The Northern Kentucky Herb Society (NKHS) was established as a non-profit educational forum in 2004.
On paper, our goal is to expand the interest in herbs throughout the Greater Cincinnati Metropolitan Area.
In practice, having a good time at our meetings and other activities is just as important.

Our interests in herbs are eclectic and wide-ranging, and our focus shifts from time to time. However, it always includes the history and folklore of herbs as well as the proper and safest ways to use them in home-remedy medicines, cosmetics, crafts, and cooking. Tips for successfully growing herbs is also a perennial topic.

Most of our members live in Boone, Campbell, or Kenton County, but it’s not required. Folks across the river in Cincinnati and its suburbs, or even farther away, are also welcome. Membership is open to herb lovers of all ages and does not require any previous knowledge of herbs.

If you’re interested, we’d love to have you attend a meeting as our guest. It would give you a chance to learn more about us and make a better-informed decision about joining us.

We usually meet on the second Wednesday of each month, but not in July and December. Meetings feature presentations and discussions about herbs and their uses and often include a cooking demonstration and tasting or a hands-on craft project. Occasional special events, field trips, and service projects are also scheduled. For some, we partner with other local groups and may invite the general public.

Our calendar pages summarize our previous meetings and activities.

Dues are $15 per year and cover all meetings and most supplies. However, some field trips or hands-on activities may require a modest additional payment.

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