Thurs., Jan. 14 Regular monthly meeting Herbs in Turkish Culture and Cuisine
Hasan & Jo Ann Tezduyar told us about the use of herbs in Turkish cooking and let us sample representative dishes. They also discussed some of the medicinal and therapeutic uses of herbs in Turkish culture. Click here to view the Powerpoint slides from their presentation.
Thurs., Feb. 11 Regular monthly meeting Winter Thyme
The tiny-leafed thyme was center table at our meeting as we discussed the available varieties to get ready for seed ordering. We also sampled two easy-to-make comfort foods featuring thyme that were prepared by JoAnne Ellena, a polenta and a cheesy grits dish. Click here for the recipes. JoAnne also explained how to make a face cleaner using thyme. Click here for the directions.
Thurs., March 11 Regular monthly meeting Windowsill Herb Gardening
Master Gardener Grace Weaver walked us through the step-by-step process of making a windowsill herb garden. Everyone who brought a container was given soil, seeds and everything else they needed to prepare their own indoor herb planter.
Wed., April 7 Special meeting at the
Kenton County Library
Shakers, Quacks, and Herbs
Citing research from her recently published children’s novel, Road to Pleasant Hill, NKHS member Rebecca Mitchell Turney discussed the herbal industries developed at Kentucky’s Shaker Villages in the 1800’s. She told how the Shakers used herbs to maintain their own health as well as for their financial success and how they became the first Americans to produce enough herbs to supply the international pharmaceutical market.
Thurs., April 29 Special workshop for the
Boone County Extension Office
Growing and Cooking with Herbs
Members of the NKHS presented a workshop explaining how to grow and use herbs for cooking for the Boone County Extension Service. It included tasty samples of several herb-based recipes.
Thurs., May 13 Regular monthly meeting Etiquette for a Tea
British native and NKHS member Marea West showed us how to host a proper English tea. We enjoyed tasty tea and fluffy scones while discussing the many ways herbs can be included in all aspects of a tea from the teapot to the scones to the finger sandwiches. Click here for Marea’s recipe for scones.
Thurs., June 10 Regular monthly meeting Planning & Work Session
We planned upcoming events and discussed recent field trips and special projects. We also distributed the materials for herbally infusing the wines for our members-only wine tasting in August.
Thurs., July 29 Members-only social hour. Wine tasting
We sampled a variety of herb-infused wines (some meant for sipping; others for cooking) and snacked on tasty herbal treats prepared by NKHS members.
August Summer break. No planned NKHS meetings or activities this month.
Thurs., Sept. 9 Public workshop at the
Boone County Library
Workshop on Preserving & Harvesting Herbs
Grace Weaver and other NKHS members conducted a hands-on workshop that taught 20+ participants how to plant, harvest, dry, and save herbs from their gardens. We also let them mix and take home various blends of dried herbs and treated them to some yummy herbal treats. Click below for the recipes:
*  herb infused jelly,
     *  Grace’s quick pickles, and
     *  Grace’s favorite marinade.
Thurs., Oct. 14 Regular monthly meeting Herbal tea tasting
We brewed, sampled, and compared a variety of herbal teas brewed from fresh herbs and discussed general guidelines for experimenting with your own combinations of herbal teas. We also played a trivia game we called “Name That Herb.”
Thurs., Nov. 11 Regular monthly meeting A World of Spices

De Stewart, owner of the newly re-named Colonel De Gourmet Herbs and Spices in historic Findlay Market, introduced us to a globe-trotting array of ethnic spices and herbal secrets from Indian, French, African and Mexican cuisines. He talked about the herbs that can bring these secrets to our own kitchens and brought samples we could sniff and savor. Treats made from De’s special recipes and ingredients were provided by key NKHS members.

Fri., Dec. 3 Community service project
at Dinsmore Homestead
Decorating for Christmas at Dinsmore
As we traditionally do, we went to the historic Dinsmore Homestead in Boone County to clean and decorate the log cabin for the annual “Christmas in the Country” event. We decorated with organic materials of the same type used in log cabins in the 1800s.