Dec. 12 Field trip Shopping & lunch
In lieu of meeting in December, we scheduled an unofficial social event, shopping at the Sleigh Bells Shop in Walton followed by lunch.
Nov. 13 Regular monthly meeting Herbal Spa Evening
We had a wonderful time pampering ourselves and sharing recipes and samples of homemade, herbal spa items such as facial scrubs and bath salts. Look for all of the recipes in The Garden of Grace section of our website.
Oct. 9 Regular monthly meeting Looking ahead to fall and the holidays
This session turned into a very productive –and necessary– planning time. It helped us solidify ideas for developing a signature herb blend and for launching its distribution. This also led us into a discussion of tweaking our logo and planning our celebration of the NKHS’s tenth anniversary.
Sept 11 Members-only social 4th Annual Herb-infused Wine Tasting
For the first time we were unable to “crown” THE best herbal infusion. We ended up with a tie between a chardonay infused with lemon thyme and a white zinfandel infused with sage and orange zest.
Aug 14 Regular monthly meeting Catching up and looking ahead
The highlight of the evening was re-establishing contact with “Colonel De” Stewart, a long-time friend of NKHS, who will be working with us to package and distribute a special NKHS collection of herbs to celebrate our 10th Anniversary in 2014.
July 9 Work party and social Visiting and lending a helping hand
The NKHS bylaws say we don’t meet in July, so this was not an official meeting. However, those who were able to do so dropped in on a member who has been battling serious medical issues to cheer her up and weed her garden. It was a hot, but delightful and satisfying afternoon for all.
June 12 Regular monthly meeting Mid-Summer Troubleshooting for Your Herb Garden
Despite a very threatening storm, most of our members got to Reminiscent Herb Farm where owner Stephanie Renaker-Jansen talked about local growing conditions and suggested remedies for garden problems.
May 29 Informal discussion
and swap meet
Fairy Gardens
What a wonderful turnout and, I believe, a great time for all of us. I think everyone, including our presenters — Sue Brungs, Lora Baily, and Joan Klahr — learned something. It should be fun to share photos of how we’ve “fairy-fied” our gardens.
May 4 Field trip Streamcliff Herb Farm (Indiana)
What a wonderful way to launch this year’s field trip season! It was far enough away to seem like a real trip, but not so far that we were worn out when we got there. What wonderful facilities and workshops they have. Our workshop session was most informative and useful. Lunch was delightful. And, we made it back home in time to watch the Kentucky Derby.
April 20 Public presentation Boone County Extension Community Fair
The wind was a challenge, blowing our lightweight tent canopy inside-out three times, but attendance was good and we had a wonderful time talking with visitors of all ages. We showcased the lighted growing stands we recently built, gave away herb seedlings, and offered info on culinary herbs including elderberries, the 2013 herb of the year.
April 10 Regular monthly meeting Preparing for the upcoming fair
We made final plans and hands-on preparations for our demonstrations at the Extension Services’ Community Fair. As one of several participating organizations, we want to make a good impression.
March 13 Regular monthly meeting Cheese-making with Herbal Extras
Our commercial cheese-making kit required more time than we had, but we did turn a gallon of milk into warm, fresh mozzarella that we served with Caprese salad and other yummy tidbits. We made it by combining this recipe from Andrew Wilder with tips and innovations from this article from Mother Earth living. However, we are still researching the best uses of the whey that is left after cheese-making.
Feb. 12 Members-only workshop Building a grow-light & seed-starting stand
Theresa and Glenn hosted us at their house where Glenn served as our �drillmaster� and guided us all thru the task of manufacturing our own grow-light structures while Therese concocted a delicious herbal �stone soup” from ingredients we brought. Everything was wonderfully satisfying.
Jan. 9 Regular monthly meeting Elderberry – 2013 Herb of the Year
Grace told us about elderberry, this year’s Herb of the Year, and shared samples of elderberry syrup. (See her posting in The Garden of Grace for more information and the recipe.) We also reviewed a prototype of the seed-planting structure we will be building in our February workshop and discussed plans for events coming up later this year.