Dec. 9 Field trip Victorian Christmas Tea Time
Hillforest Parlors in Aurora, Indiana
We toured the Victorian Christmas exhibit and enjoyed a festive three-course tea of delicious seasonal treats.
Nov. 12 Members-only social 5th Annual Herb-infused Wine Tasting
Members prepared herbal infusions of inexpensive wines prior to the meeting then gathered to taste and share one another’s concoctions and tasty herbal snacks.
Oct. 8 Regular monthly meeting Witches Brew
In the spirit of Halloween, Boone County Agent Mike Klahr, a long-time friend of the Herb Society, informed and entertained us with a presentation about poinsonous plants, including how to identify and deal with them.
Sept. 10 Regular monthly meeting Sharing What We’ve Learned
Several members each gave 5-10 minute mini-presentations or demonstrations based on something they recently learned or discovered about herbs or other garden-related topics.
Aug. 13 Regular monthly meeting Lavender: Herb of the Month
In addition to Margie’s presentation about lavender, Grace answered questions about herbs that members had emailed to her. And, everyone enjoyed the yummy ham and cheese treats Grace and Melissa brought.Click here for the recipes.
July 19 Public presentation Drying Herbs
at the Boone County Main Library
As part of the library’s all-afternoon festival of “how-to-do-it” presentations we answered numerous questions about preserving herbs and handed out samples of fresh herbs and a new pamphlet we had developed.
July 9 Added monthly meeting A Signature Blend and NKHS History
We usually don’t meet in July, but we did this month to resolve the pending issue of creating and marketing a signature blend of herbs with Colonel De. Our final decision was to cancel this project. We then shared stories and photos from our first ten years as a an organization.
June 11 Regular monthly meeting Herb Blending and Rock Painting
Sampling a mixture of herbs that could possibly become the NKHS’s “signature blend,” led to an expanded discussion of other possible blends. Judy then introduced us to small rock painting and showed us how to paint plant labels or create whimsical rock animals to decorate our gardens.
May 27 Community engagement Work Session: Planting an Herb Garden
Striving for a “Basic Kitchen Garden” and using plants donated by members, we laid out a 25-foot garden bed outside the Boone County Extension Services office. It will allow visitors to sniff lavender at one end, look over “Basil Village” where the faeries live and play in the middle, and enjoy camomile flowers at the other end. It is still a work in progress, so look in from time to time and see how it grows.
May 10 Community engagement Boone County Community Activities Fair
The NKHS was one of dozens of organizations participating and, apart from the winds that tested the stability and security of our canopy, we had a delightful day. Members advised people on selecting and growing herbs, helped diagnose plant problems, talked about our organization, and shared herbal snacks. Here are the recipes for the herb crackers made by Sue and the herbal sage cookies made by Lorna.
May 7 Monthly meeting Prep for the Communities Fair
We met a week early this month to finish preparing for our participation in the upcoming Communities Fair. That took most of our meeting time. We also discussed planting an herb bed at the Extension Service’s offices and possibly reprinting our out-of-print NKHS cookbook.
April 9 Public presentation Top TEN Reasons for Planting Herbs
at the Scheben Branch of the Boone County Library
Our parody of David Letterman´┐Żs “Top Ten” gave our 30+ participants opportunities to sniff growing herb seedlings, taste freshly picked herbs, sample tasty treats made from herbs, watch demonstrations of easy sowing, and take home seeds and seedlings to start their own herb gardens. Click here for photos.
March 12 Regular monthly meeting The 2014 Herb of the Year
In addition to learning more about Artemisias, the national and international Herb of the Year, we discussed and prepared for our upcoming workshop at the Boone County Library. It will include how to make make herbal seed tapes. (Directions are now posted in the Garden of Grace.)
Feb. 12 Regular monthly meeting Essential Oils Workshop
Carissa Bunten of Seventh Street Gifts (Newport, Ky) and her assistants led us in sampling and preparing a variety of natural products using essential oils. They also gave us recipes to use at home, so we now have no excuse for not breathing freely and having clean windows, natural scents filling our homes, and strong protection against bedbugs.
Jan. 8 Members-only social 10th Anniversary Party
Held at Rebecca’s house, clinking champagne glasses and a spirited game of “Herbal Jeopardy” helped us kick off the new year and celebrate our tenth anniversary.