How-To Guides

This section of the Northern Kentucky Herb Society (NKHS) website is a repository of some of our most popular handouts, including materials we normally share with new members or distribute at our public workshops. It will allow you to download, save, and print pdf versions of project worksheets that describe how-to perform various garden tasks or creatively use herbs.

Below are a few of our How-To Project Guides to whet your appetite. We’ve only recently started this section of the website and hope to add to it, but we’d like to get your feedback before we proceed. Please email us and tell us what you think of the usefulness of these handouts.

Container gardening

Herb substitution chart

Make a hanging herb basket for a sunny area

Preparing Herb-infused Oils for Cooking

Raising herbs

Six ways to use fresh herbs

Storing and drying herbs

We hope you find them useful, but we do ask that you use them only for your personal use. Please do not print/make multiple copies or distribute them without our permission. Thank you.